PrestaShop Payment Gateway Integration: How To Implement

PrestaShop Payment Gateway Integration

Integrating a payment gateway is crucial for any PrestaShop store to enable secure online transactions. The five key steps to integrate a payment gateway with PrestaShop include acquiring credentials from the gateway, Installing the PrestaShop payment module, and three other processes.  

This blog describes the step-by-step process of integrating the payment gateway with PrestaShop and its key benefits, such as enabling global payment methods, ensuring PCI DSS compliance, and allowing seamless integration with PrestaShop.

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    Understanding PrestaShop Payment Gateway Integration

    Integrating a payment gateway is one of the most crucial parts of setting up an e-commerce store on the PrestaShop platform. It allows you to accept payments from customers seamlessly and securely. PrestaShop, one of the most popular open-source e-commerce platforms, provides merchants with an easy way to set up an online store.

    What is Prestashop?

    PrestaShop is a free and open-source e-commerce platform written in PHP that helps online merchants build beautiful stores, manage sales, and grow their business over the Internet. It is used by over 300,000 websites worldwide.

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    How Payment Gateways Work in PrestaShop

    PrestaShop has an advanced payment module architecture that standardises how payment gateways integrate with the platform. Instead of directly interacting with the core code, payment modules register hooks to insert payment options before order validation.  

    Once customers select a payment method, the module processes the payment via the gateway and updates the status to PrestaShop.This architecture offers flexibility to add/remove modules without affecting core files.  

    Steps to Integrate a Payment Gateway

    Follow these key steps to integrate a payment gateway for your PrestaShop store:

    Step 1: Get Gateway Credentials

    First, you must sign up for a merchant account with your preferred payment gateway provider. This gives you API keys, authentication codes and other credentials to access their payment infrastructure.

    Step 2: Install Payment Module

    PrestaShop has free and paid modules for popular payment gateways. Install the module for your selected gateway from the module catalogue in your admin back office.

    Step 3: Configure Credentials

    Once installed, paste the API credentials, merchant ID, public/private keys, etc., in the module settings as provided by the gateway. Save configuration.

    Step 4: Test Transactions

    Initiate some test transactions using dummy card numbers. Most gateways have a sandbox/demo mode for testing flows. Verify transactions that are passing through correctly.

    Step 5: Go live!

    Finally, switch the gateway to live mode whenever you can accept real payments. Monitor a few live transactions closely before the full launch.   As seen above, payment gateways don’t directly integrate with PrestaShop’s core code. Instead, the integration happens through intermediate payment modules.

    Benefits of Integrating a Payment Gateway

    • Accept payments instantly: With a payment gateway, you can start accepting payments when a customer orders. This leads to faster checkout and improved customer experience.
    • Access global payment methods: Gateways allow you to accept payments through multiple channels like cards, wallets, EMIs, net banking, etc. This gives more payment options to international customers.
    • PCI compliance: Gateways ensure all card data flows through secure channels. This saves you from undergoing tedious PCI compliance certification.
    • Seamless integration: PrestaShop offers seamless integration with over 100 payment gateways. You can get started with payments quickly.

    A Brief Overview Of Prestashop’s Payment Module Architecture:

    1. Registration of Hooks

    Payment modules use hooks to insert payment options before order confirmation.

    • hookPaymentOptions: Registers payment method in checkout
    • hookPaymentReturn: Redirects back to store post payment

    2. PaymentOption Object

    This crucial object defines all aspects of the payment method:

    • Name, description & logo
    • Payment form/iframe configuration
    • Backend actions like order management

    3. Standardised Flows

    Common payment flows are standardised for consistency.

    • Offline payments (bank transfers, etc.)
    • Online redirect to gateway site
    • Embedded forms (direct card capture)

    4. Extensibility

    The architecture allows adding new payment modules without needing core upgrades.  

    Developing a Custom Payment Module

    While PrestaShop has modules for popular gateways, you may need to build a custom module for a specialised provider.  

    Here are the key steps:

    1. Set up Module Skeleton

    Begin with the module skeleton, which contains the basic folder structure, descriptor file, classes, and hook registration:


    2. Define PaymentOption

    This class will hold payment method details like name, form fields, etc. Display logic can be separated:


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    Features Of Payment Gateway With Prestashop

     Here are some key features of PrestaShop Payment Gateway Integration:  

    • Secure payment processing – Gateways ensure sensitive payment data is handled securely as per PCI compliance standards.
    • Global reach – A Popular gateway accepts payments from almost any country. 
    • Real-time notifications – Modules support webhooks/IPN to sync orders and payments automatically.
    • Multiple options – Customers can pay using preferred payment methods like cards, net banking, wallets, etc.
    • Recurring payments – Gateways facilitate subscriptions, memberships, and installment / recurring payments
    • Fraud protection – Advanced gateways offer tools to detect and prevent fraudulent transactions.
    • Order management – Seamless order and transaction management through the PrestaShop admin panel.

    Optimising Online Sales with Strategic Payment Implementations in PrestaShop

    Integrating robust and user-friendly payment solutions has become essential for online merchants to ensure smooth checkout experiences and maximise conversion rates. The open-source nature of PrestaShop allows for extensive customisations to the platform as well as easy installation of third-party modules. 

    With good payment gateway merchants, you can optimise payment acceptance based on your business needs and the target market. Regular performance reviews help optimise costs while maintaining full compliance.

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    1. How do I add a payment gateway to PrestaShop?

    To seamlessly integrate a payment gateway with PrestaShop, follow the above step-by-step guide. Learn about acquiring credentials, installing the PrestaShop payment module, and essential configuration steps to start accepting payments securely.

    1. What are the key steps for integrating a payment gateway with PrestaShop?

    Here are the key steps for integrating a payment gateway with PrestaShop

    • Obtain gateway credentials
    • Install the payment module
    • Configure credentials
    • Test transactions
    • Transition to live mode
    1. What considerations are crucial for choosing a payment gateway for PrestaShop?

    The crucial factors you have to consider while choosing a payment gateway for PrestaShop are:

    • Security
    • Global reach
    • Real-time notifications
    • Support
    • Insights about the e-commerce business

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