what are micropayments

What Are Micropayments? How Do They Work?

In this digital age, virtually every product or service, without exception, is available for online purchase, facilitated by online transactions. As consumers, we seek secure transactions, while as suppliers or…

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what are one-click payments

What Are One-Click Payments? Business Benefits To Know

One-click payments offer buyers a seamless checkout experience by automatically filling in their billing and shipping details with just one click. While one-click payments streamline the purchase process for customers,…

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biometric payment system everythings you should know

Biometric Payment System: Everything You Should Know

Biometric payment system utilise unique human characteristics such as fingerprints, facial recognition, or voice patterns to verify identities and process transactions securely. This gives consumers a faster, more convenient checkout…

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Pre-Authorized Debit - Everything You Should Know

Pre-Authorized Debit – Everything You Should Know

Pre-authorized Debit (PAD) allows merchants to automatically withdraw recurring payments from customer bank accounts, providing convenience for both parties.  The blog details the technical PAD setup process along with its…

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payment gateway security measures you should know

Payment Gateway Security Measures You Should Know

Some of the key protections discussed include advanced encryption techniques that shield sensitive information during transmission. This involves strong user authentication, PCI DSS compliance, SET-Secure electronic transactions, data encryption, and…

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