mPOS: All about Mobile Card Swipe POS Machine!

Being an owner of a business is never easy. The constant scuffle between keeping up with the customer’s demands and maintaining a tab on the incoming and outgoing payments can be a little too overwhelming. And above all, doorstep payment acceptance during deliveries is just the icing on the cake. This is where technology birthed mPOS. A powerful yet portable device which can take care of all your card payment woes both in store and on the go.

What is an mPOS machine?

One of the most significant development in digital payments, mPOS is a handy device that lets you accept payments through credit and debit cards in both your physical store and during deliveries. It is a wireless electronic device that allows you to make cash transactions just like an electronic point of sale terminal. A fixed POS terminal is generally seen everywhere, where it is linked to a computer and the payments are made electronically. On the contrary, a mobile point of sale machine is a hand held compact device that performs the similar functions and allows a merchant to accept credit card and debit card payments anytime, anywhere.

mPOS is the need of the hour to conquer the shortcomings of the fixed POS device and bridge the POS machine with business owners. Using a mobile point of sale or mPOS machines for accepting credit card and debit card payments is quicker, easier and portable. It also involves a less upfront investment and is cheaper than the traditional Point of Sale machines.

In today’s fast paced world it is essential to thrive on mobility. Your customers are constantly on the go, galloping through stores and services for which they mostly prefer to pay via credit and debit cards. Surveys indicate that a customer spends more when they make payment through cards instead of cash.

What are the benefits of mPOS?

Indians are opening their arms to accepting digital form of payments and among them, credit and debit cards hold the major share. And for every business owner who wants to milk the situation and enhance their sales, equipping themselves with an mPOS device is a must.

Here are a few reasons why your business should be backed by an mPOS machine:

Elevate your Sales: Harness your customer’s affinity towards card and allow them to make payment to you however they want. mPOS lets you make sure that you never miss out on any card payments from your customers. Accepting card payments is the most seamless and hassle-free way for you to uplift your business’ sales and enhance your customer base.

Fast and Convenient: Convenience is the key. When it comes to servicing and retaining a customer,  the crispier your checkout service is, the better. In a world where time is of utmost essence, no one wants to wait in long queues to pay for the goods and services they want. Understand, your customers can get the products from anywhere, but it is the convenience of purchase that makes them stick to a particular store and especially when they get the convenience of paying through their cards at their doorstep during delivery.

Affordable: When you opt to invest in an mPOS device, you are investing in a cost friendly machine that seamlessly let your customers pay you while you deliver them goods and services at their doorstep or while they are in store. For all the small and medium-sized business owners who wouldn’t want to put in an initial hefty investment for a card swipe terminal but still don’t want to miss out on sales through credit and debit cards,nttdatapay mPOS device is the best solution for you!

Track your sales and manage cash in hand: One of the best advantages of accepting payments through an mPOS device is that you always have a record of the volume and value of sales that your business indulges in. When you only collect cash payments, you are constantly forced into the rut of manually keeping a track of all the payments that you have received, which to be honest, isn’t what a business owner’s sole focus should be. nttdatapay mPOS lets you focus on making sales and accepting payments while streamlining and automatically keeping a track record of every single sale that you have made.

Mobility and Safety: mPOS is one of the most revolutionary innovations in today’s digital payment scenario. Imagine carrying a pocket-sized device which lets you accept payments anytime, anywhere and gives you the confidence of keeping your money safe. Every business owner worries when they have a lot of cash lying around and mPOS addresses and solves this exact problem by letting you accept payments that go directly in your bank account without any hassles.

But is an mPOS device really as powerful as the traditional card swipe POS machine?

The world is evolving in leaps and bounds when it comes to digital payments. And with the evolution, better technology is overtaking. mPOS device is carefully crafted keeping in mind the card payment acceptance needs of merchants who do not wish to heavily invest in a traditional and expensive POS device.

Convenient: When a business understands the need to accept credit and debit card payments, both in-store and on the go, then mPOS is the most suitable device that they can invest in. When making sales in the store, mPOS helps bust the queue and make checkout process smooth and streamlined. Similarly, when accepting payments during delivery, at your customer’s doorstep, mPOS eliminates the hassle of keeping exact change and reduces struggle of handling cash.

 Easy to use: An mPOS device is a portable device that lets you collect payments on the go. Unlike other POS devices, it does not need to be connected through a wire or LAN and is simply integrated with the merchant’s smartphone. The mPOS device breaks the boundary of making sales only from the confines of your store, making it highly versatile for your business.

Cost effective: Don’t want to infuse hefty capital for a POS device? No problem. mPOS devices comes at half the price of the traditional card swipe machine with extremely affordable maintenance cost. An mPOS device is made to be light on your pocket and is power-packed with the benefits of boosting your sales and making sure that you never miss out on any card payments from your customers.

Easy Maintenance: When investing in an mPOS device, all you need is a smartphone. When it comes to traditional POS devices like PSTN and GPRS POS, several additional factors that may incur cost are involved, including, maintenance and hardware repair, software or security upgrades etc. But your mPOS device is not only handy but also a small device which connects to your phone to accept card payments and  does not attract other charges, leading to zero maintenance cost.

Safe and Secure: mPOS incorporates end-to-end encryption making it highly secured and safe for your customers to make payment through their credit and debit cards. From the point of insertion to the completion of transaction, the payment card data is stored in an encrypted format and is never compromised.

Automatic Settlement: mPOS doesn’t require merchants to open another bank account for accepting payments, instead, merchants can make their existing bank account their primary account to process transactions and settlement. nttdatapay follows T+1 cycle to settle the amount directly into merchant’s account, relieving him from safekeeping the receipts or keeping a physical record of the payments accepted, to manually settle the sum with the bank.

Efficient and keeps a record: An mPOS device is linked to a merchant’s smartphone and therefore highly efficient when it comes to accepting payments anytime and anywhere. Another benefit that the mPOS delivers is that it keeps a record of all the payments that you have received on your smartphone itself .

Customer Support: nttdatapay makes sure that all our merchants have round the clock support to aid and assist them with any difficulty that they might face. We aim at providing speedy resolutions to all your queries and the same goes with the mPOS. We not only provide dedicated help in terms of technical or payment related enquiries, but also deliver product training so that you can make the most of our solutions.

How can I accept payments through nttdatapay’s mPOS Card Swipe Machine?

Accepting payments through an mPOS is as easy as a walk in the park! It is not only easy to accept payments with but is also beneficial for your business. A recently conducted survey suggested that customers prefer to make payment through digital modes, especially, Credit or Debit Cards when it comes to purchasing higher ticket products.

Here are the simple steps to accept payments through mPOS.

Step 1- Get yourself an mPOS device by Signing up with nttdatapay and one of  our executives will get in touch with you in providing you your mPOS device and walking you through the registration process.

Step 2- Simply link your mPOS to your smartphone to enable it to accept credit and debit card payments from your customers.

Step 3- To process payments, insert the CHIP based card , enter the amount and ask your customer to enter their PIN. Upon entering correct PIN, the amount will get debited from your customer’s account and your smartphone will reflect the ‘transaction successful’ message, and settling the sum in your bank account, shortly.

The strength and versatility of an mPOS device is incomprehensible and speak volumes on why every business should enrich themselves with it to abide by the newer trends of accepting payments. What a shame would it be if you miss out on a customer just because your business is still stuck in the archaic form of accepting payments i.e., cash. An mPOS device is not only empowering sales by providing your existing customers with the convenience of paying through their credit and debit cards, but also opening doors to newer customers who may want to pay through similar modes. Convenience, affordability and amazing user-experience, get yourself an mPOS device to enable seamless checkout for your customers, today!

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