mPOS- Mobile POS Machine: Accept Cards Payments

mPOS- mobile pos machine

Demonetization came and left an indelible mark on the minds and pockets of the Indians. The life and day to day cash transaction processes which were never a hassle seemed difficult. Cash crunch broke the backbone of the economy and was rather disastrous for both, the merchants and the customers.

In order to curtail the effects of demonetization and provide the merchants an additional approach to receive payments, Atom technologies has devised a user friendly app- mGalla, through which you can accept credit card and debit card payments. mGalla-payment app for merchants, allows you to accept digital payments through various means, be it UPI, link Based, Bharat QR or mPOS- Mobile Point of sale machine. This app is not just a boon for the merchants; it also provides the customers with the convenience of making payments with their bank cards through a mPOS machine at their door step.

A mobile POS or mPOS is a wireless electronic device that allows you to make cash transactions just like an electronic point of sale terminal. A fixed POS terminal is generally seen everywhere, where it is linked to a computer and the payments are made electronically. Contrary, a mobile point of sale machine is a hand held compact device that performs the similar functions and allows a merchant to accept credit card and debit card payments anytime, anywhere. mPOS is the need of the hour to conquer the shortcomings of the fixed POS device and create a bridge between the POS machine and business owners. Using a mobile point of sale or mPOS machines for accepting credit card and debit card payments is quicker, easier and portable. It also involves a less upfront investment and is cheaper than the traditional Point of Sale machines.

If you are a merchant and you are constantly struggling with digital payments, or if accepting credit card or debit card payments arises a question mark in your head, then ‘mobile POS’ is your quick fix. It is one solution for all your card payment acceptance problems. When accepting payments through credit or debit cards through a mobile POS machine, you just need to sync your smart phone with your mPOS and there you go! Now accept payments through any Chip or Swipe based cards and help your business grow. Accepting payments through mPOS device also provides a more secure and safe way for your customers as they don’t have to keep remembering and inputting their bank or card details again and again.

How to get atom mPOS- mobile POS machine for your business

Taking in account all the possible aspects, mobile POS machine is undoubtedly a blessing for the Indian market. It positively made things much easier from the perspective of monetary transactions for both the buyers and the sellers.

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