What Is a Third-Party Payment Aggregator, and How To Choose One For your Business?

What is a Third-Party Aggregator? A third-party payment aggregator is a type of payment aggregator. A payment aggregator, also called a merchant aggregator, is a third-party payment service provider that…

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What is The Best Payment Gateway Tech Support in India?

A secure payment gateway is essential for every online business, but with so many choices available, choosing the right payment gateway that suits your needs becomes difficult. You have to…

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Five Tips to Follow Before Using a Swipe Machine

Swipe machines are the best POS partners- utilise them to make hassle-free payments for customers. Contactless payments are becoming more common in today’s world, but according to statistics, everyone carries…

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What Are The Differences Between PSPs and Payment Gateways?

This article will answer the question: What are the differences between PSPs and payment gateways? And elaborate these both individually too. This digital era has become a turning point for…

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6 Things to Know about Cashless Payments in the Gaming Industry

Reality can be dull and mundane, and the best way for us to escape reality is through video games. The gaming industry has witnessed a massive surge in users over…

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