digital wallets

Digital Wallets – Future of Online Payment System

In this rapidly developing digital world, no one has the time or patience for cash or card payments. Digital payments and digital wallets have been gaining popularity in recent years….

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what is a virtual credit card and how do you use it

What is a Virtual Credit Card and How Do You Use It?

Virtual Credit Cards (VCCs) combine cutting-edge security measures with unparalleled flexibility. These ephemeral digital counterparts to physical credit cards offer customisable spending limits, single or multi-use options, and compatibility across…

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comparison of imps vs neft

IMPS vs NEFT: A Side-by-Side Comparison

India has witnessed a significant shift from cash-based transactions to digital payment methods in recent years. Electronic fund transfer methods have played a crucial role in this transition, making it…

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what is open banking payments everything you need to know

What is Open Banking Payments: Everything You Need To Know

Open banking payments have entirely changed how financial transactions are conducted by allowing other parties to access user data, breaking down traditional barriers, and promoting a dynamic, linked environment. This…

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digital id wallets and payments what is the connection

Digital ID Wallets and Payments – What’s the Connection?

Digital ID wallets are closely linked to digital payments and are poised to change commerce and finance identity. By consolidating credentials and financial data securely, wallets deliver seamless shopping experiences…

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