utr number and transaction id

What Makes UTR Number and Transaction ID Unique for Digital Payments?

In today’s digital age, more people are using digital payments to purchase goods and services. It is because digital payments make transactions easier and faster. But we all wonder whether…

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What is a Swipe Machine

What is a Swipe Machine and How To Use Them For Your Business?

If you run a retail business with a physical store, you would’ve probably noticed how a lot of your customers prefer card and digital payments over cash. The ease and…

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What is a Transaction ID

What’s A Transaction ID And Where To Find It?

You might have come across the “What is a Transaction ID’’ in some way or another. Haven’t you? We will dive deep into this term to understand several aspects and…

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daily transaction limit of IMPS

What is the Daily Transaction Limit of IMPS?

In today’s fast-paced world, people want to perform their financial transactions quickly and conveniently. With the advent of digital banking and mobile payment services, it has become easier than ever…

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Why Online Payment Fails

10 Reasons Why Online Payment Fails? And How To Handle It?

Digital payments are becoming a mainstream platform for processing payments. This problem shouldn’t be disregarded by a merchant who accepts online payments or runs an eCommerce store because it could…

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