cvv less payment for tokenised cards working process

CVV-less Payment For Tokenised Cards: Working Process

Security has become the priority of the moment. People are more concerned about their safety and privacy regarding online transactions. From the risk of CVV theft to the friction of…

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why is automated payment reconciliation necessary for your business

Why is Automated Payment Reconciliation Necessary For Your Business?

Whether you’re a small startup or a well-established corporation, maintaining an accurate record of incoming and outgoing payments is a fundamental aspect of financial management. However, as your business grows,…

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upi payment frauds know how to be secured and its types

UPI Payment Fraud: Know How To Be Secured and Its Types

UPI has redefined the way individuals and businesses engage in and make financial transactions. However, this rapid digitisation has not come without its share of challenges, foremost among them being…

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reasons why businesses should go for smart android pos machine

Reasons Why Businesses Should Go For Smart Android POS Machine

Smart Android POS machines are the modern-day business assistance for all major retail business owners. It has become an inevitable tool for businesses; it controls inventory, sales, finances, and even…

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bank reconciliation boosting business financial accuracy

Bank Reconciliation: Boosting Business Financial Accuracy

Maintaining accurate financial records is essential for success in the fast-paced world of finance & business. One critical aspect of this process is bank reconciliation. Bank reconciliation plays a vital…

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