What is the Daily Transaction Limit of IMPS?

In today’s fast-paced world, people want to perform their financial transactions quickly and conveniently. With the advent of digital banking and mobile payment services, it has become easier than ever…

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Why your Restaurant Needs a POS System: A Breakdown of Benefits

As a restaurateur, you are the master of all things culinary, but managing the back-end operations can often take a toll. As a restaurant owner or manager, you are always…

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Difference between Cash Registers and POS Systems

Did you know you could collect payments even without a website? That’s right! That’s how far we’ve come in terms of technological developments. From the launch of cash registers in…

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Difference Between a Nodal Account and a Current Account ?

For any business to flourish, sales are the most important key. Now in the current era, sales have taken a different direction with online payment methods. There are various modes…

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How to make UPI Payments Without the Internet

The introduction of UPI in India has altered how phone users perceive payments. Due to that, you no longer need to carry cash anywhere, including restaurants, malls, clinics, motels, gas…

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