UPI Transaction Mistake

Made A UPI Transaction Mistake? Here’s How To Get Your Money Back!

UPI payments have revolutionized how we transfer money in today’s digital age. However, with its convenience, there are some chances of mistakes too. If you have made an unintended UPI…

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upi lite everything you need to know

UPI Lite: Everything You Need To Know

UPI Lite is an innovative solution introduced by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) to streamline digital payments and ensure inclusivity for users with basic smartphones or feature phones….

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How is e-RUPI Different from UPI

How is e-RUPI Different from UPI?

UPI has become immensely popular for its seamless person-to-person money transfers without users needing to remember multiple bank details.  However, the government recognised the need for a more targeted mechanism…

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upi safety shield

7 Tips of UPI Safety Shield to Keep in Mind While UPI Payment

Unified Payments Interface, or UPI, has revolutionised digital payments in India by providing users with a simple and secure way to transfer funds instantly between bank accounts. The past year…

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rbi latest upi innovations to enhance digital payments

Rbi Latest Upi Innovations To Enhance Digital Payments

UPI currently dominates online payments in India, clocking over 22.7 billion transactions worth $768 billion in FY23. Seeing UPI’s tremendous success, RBI recently unveiled several new features to accelerate adoption…

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