A Guide to Same-Day Settlement Payment Gateways and How It Works

Nowadays, everyone is constantly searching for the simplest, most practical way to accomplish a task. This change is also evident in payments, including those for online purchases and game tokens. …

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What Are Third-Party Payment Providers?

Running a business comes with a lot of small tasks that need to be done with equal priority. You can’t give up on inventory to manage customer feedback or ignore…

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How To Pay Goods & Services Tax (GST) Payment Online in India

For newbie business owners, filing a GST return can sound like a complicated process. Though filing taxes aren’t really exciting tasks, they surely don’t have to be tiring ones either….

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How to Reduce Payment Delays in Employee, Vendor, Supplier, and Partner Payouts

Dealing with late payments is not really an ideal situation for an executive or a business person. However, a hard reality of running a business involves dealing with late payments…

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How To Retain Your Customers With An Online Payment Solution

From social media campaigns to customer support and branding, there’s no end to promoting your business in the market. When it comes to customer retention, it simply means creating happy…

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