imps vs upi

IMPS vs UPI: Which Offers Better Convenience, Security, and Cost?

With the increasing dependency on digital payments, you must know how to choose the best payment gateway for your business that can provide the best convenience, security, and cost-effectiveness.  NTT…

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what is pci dss compliance

What is PCI DSS Compliance? A Complete Guide

PCI DSS compliance is essential for any business that processes, stores, or transmits credit card data. All major credit card companies require compliance with PCI DSS. PCI DSS compliance consists…

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what is virtual terminal

What is a virtual terminal? Everything You Should Know

Virtual terminals have revolutionised the way businesses process electronic payments. They are cloud-based software applications that enable merchants to securely accept credit card payments remotely without needing physical terminals.  Let’s…

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pros and cons of payment aggregation

Pros and Cons of Payment Aggregation

Understanding the aspects that help you make informed decisions for your business optimisation. Let’s explore the Pros and Cons of Payment Aggregation, a popular solution in the financial services industry….

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cvv less payment for tokenised cards working process

CVV-less Payment For Tokenised Cards: Working Process

Security has become the priority of the moment. People are more concerned about their safety and privacy regarding online transactions. From the risk of CVV theft to the friction of…

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