Payment Processing

What is payment processing- payment processor vs payment gateway

What is payment processing? Payment processing is the term used to define processing of digital transactions between the buyer and sellers. In simple terms, the payment processor collects info about…

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Understanding e-Payment System

Every one of us, at least once, has indulged in purchasing goods and services online and paid for them electronically or through an e-payment mode, where the transaction takes place…

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Payment Settlement Guide

Payment Settlement Guide- Understand the Payment Settlement Process

Customer purchases a product from an e-commerce website, he then, selects the payment option and pays through various payment options available. Before the money reaches e-commerce (merchant) bank account, it…

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India Post Payment Bank

What is India Post Payments Bank and how does it work? Here’s 10 things to know

The launch of India Post Payments Bank (IPPB) by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 1st September 2018 has put the spotlight back on payments banks. The government has envisioned that…

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UPI 2.0

UPI 2.0 launched. Close look at Key Features of UPI 2.0

Unified Payment Interface is a real time payment system that helps to transfer funds instantly between two banks with the help of mobile phone. Ever since the launch of UPI in…

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