10 Reasons Why Online Payment Fails? And How To Handle It?

Digital payments are becoming a mainstream platform for processing payments. This problem shouldn’t be disregarded by a merchant who accepts online payments or runs an eCommerce store because it could…

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RBI Implements New Norms For Credit, Debit And Co-Branded Cards – All You Need To Know

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has issued new directions, known as ‘The Reserve Bank of India (Credit Card and Debit Card – Issuance and Conduct) Directions, 2022. These updated…

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RBI Guidelines for Processing International Auto-Debit on Cards

The Government’s flagship “Digital India” program aims to empower society towards a digital economy, facilitating smooth international transactions.  Several measures have been taken to promote digital payments worldwide and augmented…

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What are the New RBI Guidelines For Auto-Debit in 2022?

In recent years, digital payments have constantly been on the rise. Especially after the world stepped into the 2020 lockdown, people hugely prefer digital payments for many reasons like easy…

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What Is An Internet Merchant Account, And How To Accept Payments?

A merchant account, as discussed, is a type of bank account exclusively for credit and debit card payments. The said card transactions happen through electronic card payment devices. This is…

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