How do I Create a Payment Gateway API?

We live in an omnichannel customer experience era, and developers play a critical role. They ensure that all data is processed correctly, from when a customer looks at a product…

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Payment facilitator vs payment processor

Payment Facilitator vs Payment Processor: Which is Better

When you enter the world of payments, you are plagued with new terminology that is self-explanatory. For example, a Payment Facilitator and a Payment Processor may appear the same at…

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Digital Payments in India: 2022 Wrapped Up

Introduction Until a decade ago, it was unlikely that purchasing almost anything without cash would become possible in India. India has always been a cash-dependent country, with cash transactions being…

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Digital Wallets – Future of Online Payment System

In this rapidly developing digital world, no one has the time or patience for cash or card payments. Digital payments and digital wallets have been gaining popularity in recent years….

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Difference Between Payment Tokenization VS Payment Encryption

This article will discuss the difference between two very popular encryption methods. Why do we need these? Well, it’s all about keeping your data safe from snooping eyes. In more…

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