How 5G Will Revolutionise Payments

The evolution of technology is immense, and in this digital era, technology is the core thing. Technology is the driving factor behind everything which is being used these days. It…

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10 Reasons Why Online Payment Fails? And How To Handle It?

Digital payments are becoming a mainstream platform for processing payments. This problem shouldn’t be disregarded by a merchant who accepts online payments or runs an eCommerce store because it could…

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What is The Best Payment Gateway For B2B Transactions In India?

Understanding business-to-business (B2B) payments and procedures aids in determining best practices for current trends and the changing landscape that will rely on digital options. The need for payment gateways for…

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How Do Payment Gateways Maintain Zero Downtime?

Digitalization is the perfect fit to describe the current epoch in a word. Having said so, we could understand it better when we look deeply into it. When we think…

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What Is A Swipe Machine And How To Use Them For Your Business?

If you run a retail business with a physical store, you would’ve probably noticed how a lot of your customers prefer card and digital payments over cash. The ease and…

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