BharatQR supported bank apps- How to transact using Bharat QR?

In the light of Demonetization, and making India a digital economy cash less transactions are highly encouraged. After the launch of a number of digital payment options, a new method of payment through QR code scan has kicked off. A QR code is a digital form of barcode that stores information in itself about the item it is linked to. Bharat QR is a QR based payment service which is used to send and receive digital payments between customers and merchants and can be accessed through a mobile app only. It accepts payments through the four major card companies, involving: Visa, RuPay, MasterCard and American Express. No matter what company card you have, you can now make payment via any banking application or card through a simple scan.

Does my Banking App Facilitate Bharat QR?

Bharat QR has undoubtedly made the process of digital payment quite easy and simple. All you need to do is scan the Bharat QR Code through your mobile banking app and make the payment.

Currently, there are 15 banks that allow you to make payment through Bharat QR including all the major banks.

Making Payments through Bharat QR

When you make payment through Bharat QR, you simply need to access your bank app with your smart phone and scan the QR code to make the payment. Make sure your bank app supports payment via Bharat QR.

To make payments, follow simple steps:

  • Install your banking app on your smart phone.
  • Log in to your account and select the option of payment through QR code.
  • Now scan the Bharat QR available with the merchant with your smart phone.
  • Proceed with the details to make the payment.

Receiving Payments through Bharat QR

To all those who run businesses, are shopkeepers or retailers, you can now accept digital payments on your fingertips through Bharat QR. Atom technologies provide you with the aid of accepting payments online including multiple payment options, Bharat QR being one of them. You can also receive payments with Atom’s mGalla App, and accept online payments through your smart phone.

To receive payments through mGalla Application:

  • Register with the mGalla App, providing the necessary details.
  • Link your desired bank account with the mGalla app.
  • In order to receive payment, generate the dynamic Bharat QR code with the app.

Ask the customer to scan the Bharat QR with their respective bank application to make the payment.


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