What is a Payment Link & How can it Benefit Your Business?

What is a Payment Link

The payment process is one of the cornerstones of successful sales. You must approach it carefully to guarantee that your consumers have a positive experience with your payment process. 

What is a Payment Link? 

A payment link is a payment technique that enables consumers outside the typical online store to request and accept online payments. It is typically powered by one of the well-known payment processors, ensuring the safety of payments for both customers and businesses.

When customers click on a link, they are taken to a checkout page where they can initiate and complete the transaction. Therefore, while deciding how to handle online payments, you must consider several factors and choose the payment option that best satisfies them, benefiting your consumers and your company.

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    Criteria for Building a Payment Process

    Before getting into the payment link option, it is necessary to understand several criteria for approaching or building an effective payment option. 

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    Is the offered payment process User-Friendly?

    Payment links are a wonderful alternative for executing transactions faster and more effectively. It is preferable to opt for flexible payment gateways. 

    Does the payment method fit your customers? 

    Payment links allow clients to choose from multiple payment methods and pay with their preferred method. Using reputed payment gateways that offer flexible payment options is highly recommended. 

    Will it help your business?

    Payment links let you accept payments regardless of how you conduct business, whether you send clients a payment link via text message or guide customers to your business page from various social media platforms.

    Are you interested in using payment links for your business? 

    • Accept cards, eWallets, Netbanking and other payment methods
    • Personalized fields and design of your checkout page for enhanced brand retention.

    NTT DATA Payment Services gives the greatest experience for your business model by seamlessly integrating into your environment

    • Business without having a website – Don’t have a selling app or website? Now enable online payment requests for your clients with our dashboard. 
    • Alternative Payment Option – Payment Links are a simple alternative to your company’s point-of-sale and cash-on-delivery payment options.

    3 Simple Steps to Accept Payments via Payment Links 

    Step 1: Generate your payment link- Create Your Payment Link with Free Reminders Using an API or Dashboard

    Step 2: Add the client’s contact information – Send a link by SMS, WhatsApp, or email. 

    Step 3: Receiving Payments – Get the amount settled in your account instantly or customize it at your convenience. 

    5 Simple Ways a Payment Link Benefits a Business? 

    Let us directly dive into how payment links can play a beneficial for your business: 

    1. Enables fast online sales: The payment link helps to enhance your online sales immediately, with the help of an online presence or existing reach. Businesses aiming to improve their online sales can elevate their business by generating links via payment gateways, convenient payment apps,  or through merchant dashboards to launch their online store in a full-fledged manner. 

    A simple one-page website, a Google My Business page, and a social media business presence can be useful. The only expense is your time, and we assure you, it will be worth it!

    2. Flexibility in choosing sales channels: You can insert a payment link into a promotional message on WhatsApp (or other messenger you use for your marketing activities). Social media is a powerful sales platform, but you shouldn’t stop there. Messengers are often underestimated as a business tool, but many companies use them successfully.

    By incorporating the payment links into your business, your customers get the precise status of their purchases. Our interface enables them to track the : 

    • Payment link status – status of the payment link
    • Payment link ID unique identifier of the payment link
    • Customer contact and reference ID. 

    3. Highly secured payments: An online payment processor can provide the highest level of security for you and your customers by powering a payment link. Today’s online payment systems implement multi-layer security measures to protect the financial data of merchants and their customers.

    If you issue invoices regularly, you can easily add payment links to your invoices. You will receive payment faster because it is simple and easy to use. Payment links are a good option when speed or flexibility are crucial because they are often flexible and simple to set up. They also act as payment reminders to your merchants. 

    4. Convenient payment options: Customers can choose from various payment options when using a payment link. Additionally, the page will be pre-populated with billing and shipping information for clients who have previously given you their payment information; all they need to do is click “Pay Now.” Even better: It links to a mobile-optimized payment page that is simple to use even when opened on the phone.

    5. A complete financial perspective: A payment link is a type of payment with a financial management system attached. Some of these systems can connect to online accounting programs. It saves a lot of time by removing a lot of tedious effort and enabling you to rapidly import all your transaction data into your books and view it in detail.

    Key Takeaways of Payment Links

    • Issue refunds with a single check
    • Automated payment reminders and links for effective tracking status.
    • You may accept online payments quickly and easily using a payment link without having a website.
    • Payment links are a great alternative where speed or flexibility are crucial because they are often customizable and simple.


    Online sales are now one of the best practices and a way to diversify sales channels for small businesses. You may enable online sales quickly and effectively by using a payment link. NTT DATA Payment Services have a robust infrastructural system, with flexible options to generate and pay via payment links. 

    NTT DATA Payment Services offers a complete payment solution to advance your offline and online businesses from,

    We ensure maximum comfort, convenience, and safety for all your payments.

    Also, you can get frequent updates on nttdatapayments Instagram page.

    Have you ever attempted to use a payment link? Please feel free to remark with your thoughts in the comments section below. 


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