Fraud Detection in Payments

Fraud Detection in Payments – A How to Guide

Fraud is a growing concern in the digital payments system. However, businesses can proactively detect and prevent fraudulent transactions through advanced analytics, machine learning, and security measures.    In this…

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Pre-Authorized Debit - Everything You Should Know

Pre-Authorized Debit – Everything You Should Know

Pre-authorized Debit (PAD) allows merchants to automatically withdraw recurring payments from customer bank accounts, providing convenience for both parties.  The blog details the technical PAD setup process along with its…

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What is AVS check

What is an AVS Check and How Does it Work?

Merchants today need robust measures to authenticate customers and curb fraudulent activity. One such effective solution is the Address Verification System or AVS. In this blog, we explore what is…

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split payments demystified understanding how they work

Split Payments Demystified: Understanding How They Work

In the world of digital commerce, payment options continue to evolve, offering users greater flexibility and convenience. One such innovation gaining popularity is split payment. Split payment refers to the…

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biometric payment system everythings you should know

Biometric Payment System: Everything You Should Know

Biometric payment system utilise unique human characteristics such as fingerprints, facial recognition, or voice patterns to verify identities and process transactions securely. This gives consumers a faster, more convenient checkout…

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