10 Reasons why mPOS is better than the Traditional POS Machines

why mpos is better than pos

What is mPOS (mobile point of sale)

mPOS is an innovative tool that is capable of reading credit/debit card and performs the task of a Point of Sale Terminal. It works with a smartphone or a tablet. All you need to do is, download the mPOS App on the smart phone and sync the smartphone with the device (card reader) and the device is ready to be used.

feature of mPOS

Why use Atom mPOS over a regular POS ?

  1. Accepts all cards  mPOS cards
  2. Easy to use : Merchants only need a smartphone and a card reader to get started.
  3. Cheaper Cost : Not only is the cost of mPOS device half the value of the traditional device its monthly maintenance cost is also very low.
  4. Sell from anywhere : unlike a POS Machine which is plugged to a telephone line, an mPOS device needs no such connection and can be used anywhere. There is no longer restriction on selling within the four walls of the store. You can sell from any place anytime.
  5. Automatic Settlement : With mPOS, merchants need not open new bank account, they can use their existing bank account for settlements. With automatic settlements happening on a T+1 cycle, merchants don’t need paper receipts to manually settle the payments with the bank.
  6. Easy to Maintain :– With mPOS, all you need is to download the app and start using it. Since the card reader is a small device, maintenance is absolutely zero. Whereas with the regular POS there are various cost like maintenance and repair of the hardware, software and security upgrades etc. 
  7. Customer Care Support : Most of the mPOS service providers have a dedicated 24/7 support staff.
  8. Secure & Safe : Compared to a traditional POS, mPOS systems incorporate point-to-point encryption. Payment card data is secured from the point of interaction-when the customer inserts or taps his or her card-until the transaction reaches the merchant’s payment gateway. 
  9. Handy : Unlike the traditional GPRS machine which is too bulky to carry, the mPOS device is small and handy. It is so handy that one could easily carry it in their pockets. 
  10.  Better efficiency and record keeping : Since the mPOS reader is linked to a mobile phone storing data becomes much easier.

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