Difference Between the 2D and 3D Payment Gateway


This article elaborates on and differentiates the difference between the 2d and 3d payment gateway. Knowing about the payment gateways and the process of transaction methods is more important for a hassle-free and secure transaction. Read the full article to know what payment gateways are and the key difference between the 2d and 3d payment gateway.

The payment gateway is the middle processor that processes the payment transaction details between the customer and the merchandiser. Usually, a payment gateway is provided by the bank and the other payment service provider, which the bank approves. 

The payment gateway process usually takes only a few seconds. During this process, usually, the customer fills in their account details before making the payments, like the name on the card, CVV, and date of expiry. Once this is done, the payment gateway process starts, and it shares the payment request details with the receiver’s bank and processes the payment. 

There are various methods of payment gateways like the 2d and 3d payment gateway. Knowing the differences between these two is more important if you are the one who does online transactions.

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    What Is A 2D Payment Gateway?

    We are in the digital era amid the fastest-growing technologies. In one way, this digital technology made our life simpler and easier. We have everything in our hands, and with a few touches, our job is getting done. We purchase online, and without moving anywhere, we can make payments, and the products get delivered to our doorstep. 

    The payment gateway is the crucial step for the transactions made during e-commerce business and other online transactions. So knowing what it is and how it works is more important; thus, this article will explain the difference between the 2d and 3d payment gateway. 

    The payment gateways are the intermediate process that receives the information from the transaction initiator and their bank details and sends it to the receiver’s bank, after which the money is transferred to the receiver’s bank account. The payment gateway process interferes when the payment is made through an app (the payment gateway service provider that the bank approves) or through debit or credit cards.

    We have seen the payment gateways and understood them in a better way. Let’s now understand what a 2d payment gateway is and its process. The abbreviation of the 2d payment gateway is 2 dimensions secure payment gateway. When making any payments online and if it doesn’t have the step of authentication before making the payment, it is a 2d payment gateway. Let us take the card payment method as an example here. 

    Before making any online payments, there will be a few steps where we have to fill in the account details, like the cardholder’s name, the card’s expiry date, card number, CVV, and so on. The payment gateway process starts right from this. After initiating the payment, there will be a step of authentication; in some cases, it may not be. The step of authentication is when the payment initiator gets an OTP before making a payment, ensuring the security of the payment process. 

    In the 2d payment gateway, there is no such step for authentication, which makes it less secure. One can directly make the payment using the card just by entering the name on the card, account number, expiry date, and CVV. The payment initiator will not receive any such OTP to authenticate; thus, without such a step, one can transfer the money to the receiver’s bank account, known as a 2d payment gateway.


    What is 3D Payment Gateway?

    Not all the transactions made are similar, and it changes through the process, and there is a difference between the 2d and 3d payment gateway. The 3d payment gateway is the 3 dimensions secure payment gateway. Through this process, the payment initiator has to go through the authentication process before making any online transaction. 

    One has to enter all the required bank account details, such as the card holder’s name, card number, expiry date, and CVV; the payment initiator, i.e., the sender, will receive the OTP before the transaction for secured payment. 

    A 3D payment gateway increases the security of your payment processing account. The term emanates from the attribute of how it is operated. The merchant, acquirer, and interoperating are the three connected domains for a complete transaction. This technology is critical in sectors with a high risk of fraud or harmful transactions.

    Authenticated payments may influence prospective ecommerce customers to think and make them start using their card secured when making online transactions mainly. Customers should know that if one has a 3D gateway account, their sensitive information is safe. For merchants, it aids to the same level by avoiding the risk of fraudulent transactions.

    The cardholder must provide a password or randomly generated OTP on the payment page before processing the transaction. This method of making payment through the card is currently commonly used. Payment processing companies can enable or disable 3D Secure screening on the payment gateway. The merchants should use the 3D secure payment channels.

    Difference Between The 2D and 3D Payment Gateway

     2D payment gateway3D payment gateway
    IncludesIncludes 2 parties: the merchandiser and the customer.Includes 3 parties: the customer, the merchant, and the interoperable payment service.
    Full-FormThe 2 dimensions secure payment gateway.The 3 dimensions secure payment gateway.
    RiskLess secure More secure 
    ProcessThe payments are processed once cardholders provide their personal card information as well as the CVV.The payment gets processed only after providing the OTP. 
    Authentication processNoyes

    We have discussed every aspect of 2D and 3D payment gateway and their differences. Investigating and knowing many essential inquiries before processing the payment is always better. As technology advances and individuals get more skilled at hacking tactics thus, data breaches and fraud are on the rise. 

    Criminals now know how to access consumer data and get information such as  CVV, addresses, and personal information. Buyers may be confident if their information is protected with an offer like a 3D payment gateway in which they get authentication, and the chance of security will increase additionally.

    NTT DATA Payment Services offers payment gateway services to various sectors. The main goal is to provide the most effective and best digital payment solutions to the client. NTT DATA Payment Services provides various options for transactions.


    To conclude, knowing about payment gateways and transaction techniques is necessary for a smooth and safe transaction. The payment gateway is the intermediary processor that handles payment transaction data between the client and the merchandiser. Before making payments, the user normally fills in their account details on the card. The 3D payment gateway includes 2 parties, the merchandiser and the customer. The 3D payment gateway includes 3 parties, the customer and the merchant, and the interoperable payment service, such as cards and the app service, which the bank approves. This article clearly explains the difference between the 2d and 3d payment gateway. It is always advisable to have a secured transaction as fraudulent activity rises with the advancement of technology.


    1. What is a 2D and 3D payment gateway?

    A 2D payment gateway is an online payment method where the customer inputs their card details and completes the transaction in two dimensions. A 3D payment gateway is an advanced online payment method that adds a layer of security through a unique authentication process that requires the customer to enter a one-time password before the process begins.

    2. Are 2D payment gateways secure enough?

    While 2D payment gateways are less secure than 3D payment gateways, they still offer a reasonable level of security.

    3. Which is better, a 2D or 3D payment gateway?

    It depends on your needs and the level of security you require. A 2D payment gateway is convenient but less secure than a 3D payment gateway. A 3D payment gateway adds an extra layer of security, but the payment process may take longer.

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