utr number and transaction id

What makes UTR Number and Transaction ID unique for Digital Payments?

In today’s digital age, more people are using digital payments to purchase goods and services. It is because digital payments make transactions easier and faster. But we all wonder whether…

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surviving a recession

Surviving a Recession: Understanding Its Impact on the Indian Economy and Banks

In the midst of a recession, the financial landscape can seem bleak and uncertain. It’s a time when businesses struggle to stay afloat, people lose their jobs, and the economy…

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zero balance current account

Zero Balance Current Account: A Quick Explainer

A current account plays a vital role when managing finances for your business. They help in managing day-to-day transactions for both individuals and companies. Among the various types of current…

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what is accrual accounting

What is Accrual Accounting: Types, Benefits, Examples

In today’s business landscape, financial clarity and accurate reporting are essential for sustainable growth and informed decision-making. In the world of finance and accounting, accrual accounting is a fundamental concept…

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Why Your Business Should Offer Cardless EMIs And Pay Later Payment Modes

If you’re considering offering cardless EMI or pay-later options for your business, this is the right time! By embracing these innovative payment options, your business can attract more customers, boost sales, and enhance customer satisfaction. Keep reading the blog to know the whys and hows of it.

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