Difference Between Payment Tokenization VS Payment Encryption

This article will discuss the difference between two very popular encryption methods. Why do we need these? Well, it’s all about keeping your data safe from snooping eyes. In more…

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Documents Required for Setting Up an NTT DATA Payment Services (Atom tech) Payment Gateway for Business

Are you a business owner looking to set up a payment gateway service for your business? If yes, you’ve made the right decision! NTT DATA Payment Services offers the best…

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Difference Between a Nodal Account and an Escrow Account, and What Does Your Business Need?

As someone owning an online business, are you quite confused between a nodal account and an escrow account? Don’t worry, this blog will help you understand the difference between the…

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How 5G Will Revolutionise Payments

The evolution of technology is immense, and in this digital era, technology is the core thing. Technology is the driving factor behind everything which is being used these days. It…

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10 Reasons Why Online Payment Fails? And How To Handle It?

Digital payments are becoming a mainstream platform for processing payments. This problem shouldn’t be disregarded by a merchant who accepts online payments or runs an eCommerce store because it could…

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