Features of e-RUPI and UPI


Key Features of UPI 

1. Works on mobile numbers, Aadhaar numbers or virtual payment address (VPA) 2. Supports both person-to-person and person-to-merchant payments 3. Offers options like recurring payments, cashback, bill payments, etc. 4. Integrated with bank accounts for instant fund settlement 5. Transactions can be tracked, canceled, or refunded within 30 minutes

Key Features of e-RUPI

1. e-RUPI is a prepaid digital voucher or cashless voucher, while UPI facilitates cashless payments. 2. They are single-use and have a set expiry period, unlike the open-ended nature of UPI payments. 3. e-RUPI works on a QR code/SMS push mechanism for redemption instead of bank accounts linked to UPI.

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