Everything You Need To Know About UPI Lite


Features of UPI Lite

1. You can make payments only up to Rs. 200 on a single transaction. 2. You don’t need to enter your UPI PIN every time you make small-value transactions. 3. You add up to Rs. 2000 to your UPI lite account. 4. Your money should be added only through a UPI account, not credit or debit cards. 5. UPI lite keeps your bank account statement clean, as all your UPI lite transactions are recorded in the app only and are not reflected in your bank statements.

How To Get Started With UPI Lite

1. Install the UPI Lite app from the Google Play Store or other app stores. 2. Launch the app and enter your mobile number linked to your bank account. 3. Verify the mobile number through OTP authentication. 4. Create a UPI PIN to secure your transactions. 5. Link your bank account(s) to the UPI Lite app.

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